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Why do we provide eye screening?


  • Many degenerative eye diseases are age-related.

  • Often, symptoms of eye disease are not easily noticeable. Therefore, eye screening is necessary to detect the presence of eye diseases and initiate appropriate treatment at an early stage.

  • Eye screening can help provide participants with earlier treatment, appropriate medical advice, and further tests to help reduce the risk of complications arising from the eye disease. 



  • Cataract is the leading cause of blindness in the developing world.

  • Degeneration of the eye’s crystalline lens causes blurring of vision, glare and changes in refractive error. 

  • In its advanced stages, untreated cataract can induce acute glaucoma. 



  • Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness in the developed world.

  • Glaucoma has no symptoms at the early stages. However, progressive visual field loss can eventually lead to total loss of vision. 

Macula degeneration 

  • Macular degeneration can cause distortion or a loss of central vision. 

  • Early stages of macular degeneration tend to progress slowly, but can worsen suddenly

Examination services include: 


  • Height, weight and blood pressure measurement 

  • Vision and eyesight testing 

  • Cataract examination 

  • Glaucoma examination 

  • Retina and macula degeneration examination 

  • Cornea and anterior chamber examination 

  • Consultation with a qualified specialist ophthalmologist

  • Specialty examinations as necessary (visual fields/ macula and optic nerve OCT scans/fundus photos) 

To find out more, or make a booking please visit:









Telephone hotline - 2551 0113

Email -

Team Members    

Principal Coordinator

Mr. Jordy Lau, Assistant Technical Manager

Ms Kiki Lam, Technical Officer

Ms Vienne Leung, Optometrist

Ms Riko Kung, Senior Research Assistant

Mr David Wong, Research Assistant

Ms Po Yin Wu, Research Assistant

Ms Kammy Chung, Clinical Secretarial Assistant

Ms Wendy Leung, Clinical Secretarial Assistant

Ms Sharon Choi, Clinical Secretarial Assistant

Ms Helen Mok, Clinical Secretarial Assistant

Ms Jennifer Cheung, Clinical Secretarial Assistant

Funding Source

Southern District Signature Project Scheme (SPS), Southern District Council, The Government of Hong Kong SAR

HKD 50 Million for the Eye Examination Scheme 

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