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Principal Investigator 

Dr. Joseph Y.K. Chan, Assistant Professor

Team Members

Miss Angel Yan, Research Assistant (Part-time)
Miss Liangyu Zhou, Research Postgraduate Student
Miss Ying Chen, Research Postgraduate Student
Miss Zhiting Peng, Research Postgraduate Student

Mr. Qinyu Li, Research Postgraduate Student
Miss Stephanie Poon, Master of Research in Medicine (MRes[Med]) Student
Mr. William Wong, Master of Research in Medicine (MRes[Med]) Student
Miss Vanessa Ip, Undergraduate Student Helper (HKU MBBS)
Miss Ayesha Li, Undergraduate Student Helper (HKU MBBS)
Mr. Chinmoy Saha, Undergraduate Student Helper (HKU BME)
Miss Hazel Yap, Undergraduate Student Helper (HKU BME)

​Research Interests

Interdisciplinary collaborations between biomedical and engineering professionals is one of the keys for recent tremendous creations and advancements in biomedical technologies, which also applies to the field of ophthalmology. The members of Ocular Bioengineering Laboratory are now working closely with the clinicians to engineer novel solutions to facilitate advanced biomedical research, as well as diagnosis and treatments of eye diseases. The current focuses are on developing (1) “Eye-on-a-chip” microfluidic platforms to study degeneration of retinal cells, and (2) medical devices for treatments and diagnosis of eye diseases, which includes but not limited to contact lens-based device for corneal diseases, and intraoperative tools (silicone oil, perfluorocarbon liquids) for vitreoretinal surgery.  

Recent Publications

  1. Wong HL, Kwok SS, Hung LT, Bu Y, Lin Y, Shum HC, Wang H, Lo ACY, Yam GHF, Jhanji V, Shih KC*, Chan YK*. The Anti-Scarring Role of Lycium Barbarum Polysaccharide on Cornea Epithelial-Stromal Injury. Experimental Eye Research 2021 2021;211:108747.

  2. Lu Y, Chan YK*, Lau LH, Wong D, Wong JKW, Shih K, Lai JSM, Shum HC*. Amphiphilic additives in silicone oil tamponade and emulsification: An eye-on-a-chip study, ACTA Ophthalmologica 2020;98:e232-e237.

  3. Chan YK, Yan WH, Hung LT, Chao Y, Wu J, Shum HC. All Aqueous Thin-film-flow-induced Cell-based Monolayer. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2019;11:22869-22877. (Featured in Supplementary Cover).

  4. Lu Y, Chan YK*, Lau LH, Chao Y, Shih K, Lai JSM, Wong D, Shum HC*. Adhesion of silicone oil and emulsification: An in vitro assessment using a microfluidic device and “Eye-on-a-Chip”, ACTA Ophthalmologica 2019;97:313-318.

  5. Chan YK, Lu Y, Czanner G, Wu J, Cheng HC, Hussain R, Sakamoto T, Shum HC, Wong D. In vitro experiment to elucidate the mechanism of the ‘soft shell technique’ for preventing subretinal migration of perfluoro-octane. British Journal of Ophthalmology 2017;101:389-394.

  6. Chan YK, Sy KHS, Wong CY, Man PKE, Wong D, Shum HC. In vitro Modeling of Emulsification of Silicone Oil as Intraocular Tamponade Using Microengineered Eye-on-a-Chip. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 2015;56:3314-3319.

* Corresponding Author

 Research Grants :

  • 2021 Seed Fund for Basic Research of the University of Hong Kong, Title: Fabrication of scaffoldless biological tissue templates using aqueous-three-phase-system (Principal Investigator)

  • 2021 Seed Fund for Translational and Applied Research of the University of Hong Kong, Title: A surgical injector that rapidly and efficiently mix viscous fluids with precise small volume (Co-Investigator)

  • 2020 Seed Fund for Translational and Applied Research of the University of Hong Kong, Title: A ‘Living’ Biological Bandage for Management of Ocular Surface Injuries (Principal Investigator)

  • 2019 Start-up Fund from LKS Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong, Title: A microsurgical instrument installed with nano-structured oil-absorbent material for effective silicone oil removal in vitreoretinal surgery (Principal Investigator)

  • 2019 Seed Fund for Basic Research for New Staff of the University of Hong Kong, Title: An “Artificial Eye” for studying pharmacokinetics of ophthalmic drugs and implants with drugs (Principal Investigator)

Teaching Grants:

  • 2021 HKU Teaching Development Grant, Title: New capstone experience in undergraduate-initiated biomedical research with interdisciplinary collaboration and student-patient interactions (Principal Investigator)

  • 2020 HKU Teaching Development Grant, Title: Introduction of Augmented Reality (AR) technologies to educate medical students the visual symptoms and progression of important vision-threatening diseases (Principal Investigator)

  • 2021 HKU Knowledge Exchange Impact Project Scheme, Title: Educating the elderly the visual symptoms of vision-threatening diseases through multisensory learning approach (Principal Investigator)

Patents and Patent Applications

1.“A Semifluorinated Alkane Based Cleaner for Removing Emulsified Droplets in the Eye to Reduce the Complications Associated the Emulsification of Silicone Oil” by Ho Cheung Shum, Sai Hung David Wong, Yau Kei Chan. US Provisional Patent application filed with the University of Hong Kong, Application No. 62/084,953, 26 Nov 2014
2.“OPHTHALMOLOGICAL RINSING AGENT AND METHOD OF USE THEREFORE” by Ho Cheung Shum, Sai Hung David Wong, Yau Kei Chan. US Patent application filed with The University of Hong Kong, US 2014/0335172 A1, 29 Apr 2014
3.“眼科清洗剂及其方法”, 发明人: 岑浩璋, 黄世雄,陈佑祺。中国国家知识产权局发明专利,专利号ZL 2014 80026555.1,2018年05月02日 (获授权)

News Articles

“New promise seen in eye treatment”, Technology, The Standard,  20 Aug, 2013

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