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Vision matters: Glaucoma AI-ROTA Screening Project for 50+

Progress Update

Progress Update

Orbis and the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Hong Kong have launched the “Vision Matters: Glaucoma AI-ROTA Screening Project for 50+” “(the Project) since May 2023. As the first large-scale community eye-screening program, the Project adopts ROTA, a patented technology developed by the university’s research team, which has significantly improved the accuracy of early detection for glaucoma.


Over the past 8 months, this Project has provided free comprehensive eye examinations to over 1,000 residents aged 50+ who reside in public housing. A surprisingly high proportion was found to have glaucoma with optic nerve degeneration - a proportion much higher than the reported prevalence of glaucoma in South China detected using less advanced diagnostic tools.  The Project has helped identify patients at risk of glaucoma blindness for treatment to prevent progressive loss in vision. Over 90% of these patients were not aware of their glaucoma before the screening.


The mid-term results of the Project will be announced on February 23rd on the world-exclusive Orbis Flying Eye Hospital during its visit to Hong Kong from February 22nd to March 3rd. A public eyecare talk will also be hosted by HKU Department of Ophthalmology on the aircraft. Professor Christopher Leung Kai-Shun, Chairperson and Clinical Professor of the Department of Ophthalmology, School of Clinical Medicine, HKUMed will present the latest findings from the Project and announce detailed information about the public eyecare talk. A glaucoma patient will also be invited to share his experience of the disease.


Date 日期: 2024-02-23

Time 時間: 11:15 – 12:30

Venue 地點: HAECO Hong Kong 香港飛機工程有限公司

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