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Virtual Reality (VR) Lab

Research Interests 研究興趣

Clinical evaluation of vision-related disability is hampered by the lack of instruments that can integrate different domains of visual function to report real-world performance. Our lab has designed and developed interactive virtual reality environments displayed in a binocular stereoscopic VR headset, simulating day-to-day activities to evaluate vision-related disability. A start-up company, ACE VR Limited, supported by Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities (2016-2019), was founded in 2016 to translate our patented VR technology from the laboratory to clinical application. ACE VR Limited was admitted to the Cyberport Incubation Program in 2019.

由於缺乏可以整合不同視覺功能領域以報告真實世界表現的工具,視力相關殘疾的臨床評估受到阻礙。我們的實驗室設計並開發了顯示在雙目立體 VR 耳機中的交互式虛擬現實環境,模擬日常活動以評估與視力相關的殘疾。一家初創公司 ACE VR Limited 在大學科技創業支持計劃(2016-2019)的支持下,於 2016 年成立,將我們的專利 VR 技術從實驗室轉化為臨床應用。 ACE VR Limited 於 2019 年獲准加入數碼港孵化計劃。

Application of Virtual Reality: Accessing Visual Performance and Monitoring Progression of Glaucoma through Simulating Daily Tasks in Real-world Environments



Recording of the VR supermarket shoppingIn this VR test, examinee needs to identify 10 shopping items from a supermarket rack.

VR超市購物的錄像:在這個VR測試中,測試者需要在貨品架上辨認出 10 件超市貨品。


Recording of the VR daytime stair navigation: In this VR test, examinee needs to walk up 2 flights of stairs and then walking down 2 flights of stairs.

VR日間樓梯導航的錄像 :在這個VR測試中,測試者需要爬上2層樓梯,然後走下2層樓梯。