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Virtual Reality (VR) Lab

Research Interests 研究興趣

Clinical evaluation of vision-related disability is hampered by the lack of instruments that can integrate different domains of visual function to report real-world performance. Our lab has designed and developed interactive virtual reality environments displayed in a binocular stereoscopic VR headset, simulating day-to-day activities to evaluate vision-related disability. A start-up company, ACE VR Limited, supported by Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities (2016-2019), was founded in 2016 to translate our patented VR technology from the laboratory to clinical application. ACE VR Limited was admitted to the Cyberport Incubation Program in 2019.

由於缺乏可以整合不同視覺功能領域以報告真實世界表現的工具,視力相關殘疾的臨床評估受到阻礙。我們的實驗室設計並開發了顯示在雙目立體 VR 耳機中的交互式虛擬現實環境,模擬日常活動以評估與視力相關的殘疾。一家初創公司 ACE VR Limited 在大學科技創業支持計劃(2016-2019)的支持下,於 2016 年成立,將我們的專利 VR 技術從實驗室轉化為臨床應用。 ACE VR Limited 於 2019 年獲准加入數碼港孵化計劃。

Application of Virtual Reality: Accessing Visual Performance and Monitoring Progression of Glaucoma through Simulating Daily Tasks in Real-world Environments



Recording of the VR supermarket shoppingIn this VR test, examinee needs to identify 10 shopping items from a supermarket rack.

VR超市購物的錄像:在這個VR測試中,測試者需要在貨品架上辨認出 10 件超市貨品。

Recording of the VR daytime stair navigation: In this VR test, examinee needs to walk up 2 flights of stairs and then walking down 2 flights of stairs.

VR日間樓梯導航的錄像 :在這個VR測試中,測試者需要爬上2層樓梯,然後走下2層樓梯。

Recording of the VR daytime city navigation: In this VR test, examinee needs to navigate a city area over a virtual distance of approximately 90 m.


Publications 出版物

Corresponding Author 通訊作者

Lam AKN, To E, Weinreb RN, Yu M, Mak H, Lai G, Chiu V, Wu K, Zhang X, Cheng TP, Guo PY, *Leung CKS. Use of virtual reality simulation to identify vision-related disability in patients with glaucoma. JAMA Ophthalmol. 2020;138:490-498.

Selected Research Grants 選定的研究資助

(Principal Investigator 首席研究員)

1. Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission Innovation and Technology Support Programme 創新科技署創新及科技支援計劃

Evaluation of Visual Disability in a Virtual Reality Environment 以虛擬實境評估視力障礙

Project Reference 項目編號:ITS/338/15

2. Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities 創新科技署大學科技初創企業資助計劃

Project Reference 項目編號: TSSSU/CUHK/16/08

3. Hong Kong Health and Medical Research Fund 醫療衛生研究基金:

Applying Virtual Reality Simulations to Determine the Development of Vision-related Disability in Patients with Glaucoma – A 3-year Prospective Study

Project Reference 項目編號:08190276

Patents 專利

Leung CK, Lam AKN, To E. Visual Disability Detection System Using Virtual Reality (U.S. Patent No.US20170273552A1). Filed on 22 March 2017. Application granted on 25 February 2020.

Awards 獎項

1. Smart Living (Smart Healthcare) Gold Award, Hong Kong Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Awards 2019

2. Smart Living Grand Award 2019, Hong Kong Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Awards 2019

3. World Information Technology and Services Alliance Global Information and Communications Excellence Award 2019

4. 中國機器人產業發展高峰論壇最具潛力智能醫療產業大獎-臨床應用類 2017

5. Asia Pacific Information and Communications Technology Alliance Award 2019


Principal Investigator 


Research Team Members 研究團隊成員

Dr. Alexander Lam, Research Officer


Ms. Gilda Lai, Senior Technical Officer


Dr. Ken Wu, Postdoctoral Fellow


Mr. Akira Tang, PhD Student


Mr. Yawen Guo, PhD Student


Mr. Calvin Hung, Research Assistant

Ms. Anita Chong, Senior Research Assistant


Ms. Kobe Ngan, Clinical Secretariat Assistant


In the Media

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