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HKU Ophthalmology Distinguished Lecture Series: The Orbis model in global sight-saving: the power of innovation by Mr. Derek Hodkey, President and CEO of Orbis
港大眼科傑出學人講座系列:The Orbis model in global sight-saving: the power of innovation
(Mr. Derek Hodkey,奧比斯主席及行政總裁)

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Hui Pun Hing Lecture Hall, Lecture Room LE1, Library Extension Building, The University of Hong Kong


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About the Lecture 關於講座

Since its establishment in 1982, Orbis has made encouraging strides in fighting visual impairment via its iconic Flying Eye Hospital and hospital-based trainings. On May 30th, 2023, Mr. Derek Hodkey, President and CEO of Orbis International will share the unique approach of Orbis in bringing advanced skills and technology to developing countries and his personal experience from recent visits to Orbis programs in India, Ethiopia, and Vietnam, the challenges and opportunities.  He will also tell you more about the role of innovation and telemedicine through their award-winning platform Cybersight which brings affordable and quality eye care to remote corners of the world, transforming the lives of hundreds of thousands of preventably blind and their families!

自1982年成立以來,奧比斯致力透過眼科飛機醫院和醫療培訓對抗全球眼疾。5月30日,奧比斯的主席及行政總裁Derek Hodkey將介紹奧比斯如何利用科技及創新在發展中國家持續救盲,並分享行動的挑戰和機遇,以及親身到訪印度、埃塞俄比亞和越南救盲的經驗。他還將介紹網上醫療平台Cybersight,展示各地的義務專家如何打破地域界限,把可負擔及具質素的眼睛護理服務帶到世界每個角落,從而改善數以百萬名患者及其家庭生活。

About the Speaker 關於講者

Mr. Derek Hodkey joined Orbis International as President & CEO in September 2020. Since joining Orbis, Derek has been focusing his energy on executing the Orbis Global Strategic Plan (2022-2026), building relationships with the global team, clarifying roles & responsibilities, empowering country leaders, and leading via his 3T [Trust, Transparency, Timely communication] model.

Derek Hodkey於2020年9月加入奧比斯,擔任主席及行政總裁。自加入奧比斯以來,Derek積極推動奧比斯全球戰略計劃(2022-2026),加強與全球團隊的關係,帶領不同地區的領袖能以3T(信任、透明度及時效性)的溝通模式領導團隊。

Derek has worked over 30 years in health-related fields and brings with him a wealth of leadership experience that spans across international development, R&D, life sciences, non-profit as well as in the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors.



Prior to joining Orbis, Derek spent 6 years as Senior Vice President & COO of Counterpart International. With more than 14 years of international development operations and program management experience, Derek led Counterpart’s Global Operations, Enterprise Risk and Crisis Management Teams charged with mitigating and responding to program, financial, security, human, and reputational risks across Counterpart’s portfolio of work in 24 countries.

在加入奧比斯前,他在Counterpart International擔任首席運營總監六年。憑藉超過14年的國際發展運營和項目管理經驗,Derek領導Counterpart的全球運營、企業風險和危機管理團隊,負責應對在24個國家的工作項目、財務、安全、人力和聲譽。


Before joining Counterpart in 2014, Derek was Executive Director of Global R&D Operations at the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) where he worked for 8 years. Derek was responsible for the development, execution and oversight of the R&D global intramural and extramural operations network in the USA, Europe, Africa, and India. Prior to his work at IAVI, Derek served as COO & General Manager of a Life Sciences Consulting Business and spent more than 17 years working in the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors.

在2014年加入Counterpart之前,Derek曾擔任國際愛滋病疫苗計劃(IAVI)的全球研發及營運部門執行董事長長達8年。Derek負責在美國、歐洲、非洲和印度拓展、執行和監督研發及營運網絡。在加入IAVI之前,Derek曾擔任Life Science Consulting Business的首席營運官兼總經理,並在生物技術和製藥行業工作了超過17年。


Derek received an MBA from Fairleigh-Dickinson University in Madison, New Jersey and a BS in Chemistry from the University of Akron in Akron, Ohio. Derek is the co-author of three scientific articles and holds a patent for an active immunosuppressant.



Derek is a divorced father of two adult children; a son Ryan works in law enforcement for the state of New Jersey, and a daughter Lauren works as a litigation paralegal for the one the largest law firms in the state of New Jersey.​


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