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Professor Christopher K.S. Leung

Department Chairperson and Clinical Professor 系主任及臨床醫學教授

Director of HKU Eye Centre 


Chief of Service (Ophthalmology), Queen Mary Hospital


Honorary Consultant (Ophthalmology), Grantham Hospital 葛量洪醫院眼科榮譽顧問醫生

Honorary Consultant (Ophthalmology), Hong Kong Eye Hospital


MD,MB ChB, MSc (Molecular Medicine), BMedSc, FCOphthHK, FHKAM (Ophthalmology)

Phone 電話

(852) 2518 1430 / (852) 3962 1413

Email 電郵

The HKU Scholars Hub 香港大學學術庫


About Professor Leung 關於梁教授

Professor Christopher Leung is a clinician-scientist with research focus in glaucoma detection and diagnostic imaging of the optic nerve. He read a MSc in Molecular Medicine at Imperial College London and obtained his medical training (MB ChB) and doctoral education (MD) from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Awarded with the Croucher Foundation Fellowship, he completed a clinical and research fellowship at the Hamilton Glaucoma Center, the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). The research team led by Dr. Leung has been playing a leading role in introducing key concepts and new technologies for early diagnosis of glaucoma and detection of its progression. His research group also investigates new treatment strategies for neuroprotection and neuroregeneration in glaucoma and optic neuropathies.


梁啟信教授是一名臨床醫生兼科學家,研究重點是青光眼檢測和視神經診斷成像。他在倫敦帝國理工學院獲得分子醫學碩士學位,並在香港中文大學 (CUHK) 獲得醫學培訓 (MB ChB) 和博士教育 (MD)。他獲得了 Croucher 基金會獎學金,並在加州大學聖地亞哥分校 (UCSD) 的漢密爾頓青光眼中心完成了臨床和研究獎學金。梁教授領導的研究團隊在引進青光眼早期診斷和進展檢測的關鍵概念和新技術方面一直發揮著主導作用。他的研究小組正在研究視青光眼神經保護和視神經再生的新治療策略。

Research 研究

Dr. Leung is the recipient of 28 local and international awards and honors in research and professional services including the World Glaucoma Congress Science Award (2009), Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) Clinician-Scientist Research Award (2010), World Glaucoma Congress Young Clinician Scientist Award (2011), Asia Pacific Glaucoma Society Young Investigator Award (2012), American Academy of Ophthalmology Secretariat Award (2012), Stuart Brown Lecturer (2013), American Academy of Ophthalmology Senior Achievement Award (2015), World Information Technology and Services Alliance Global Information and Communications Excellence Award (2019), and Hong Kong Information and Communications Technology Awards – Smart Living Grand Award (2019), among others. He has obtained more than 20 external competitive research grants in the capacity of principal investigator from the Hong Kong Research Grants Council General Research Fund (equivalent to the United States National Institutes of Health R01 grant), Hong Kong Medical and Health Research Fund, Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Fund, The Glaucoma Foundation (New York, USA), and The American Health Assistance Foundation, among others; and delivered more than 200 invited lectures at 146 scientific meetings over 67 cities in 28 countries. Supported by the Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities, he founded 2 start-up companies to translate patented vision diagnostic technologies into clinical applications. At HKU Ophthalmology, he directs the Glaucoma and Optic Nerve Diagnostics Lab, Optic Nerve Protection and Regeneration Lab, and Virtual Reality Lab.


梁教授在研究和專業服務方面獲得了 28 項本地和國際獎項和榮譽,包括世界青光眼大會科學獎(2009 年)、視覺與眼科研究協會 (ARVO) 臨床醫生 - 科學家研究獎(2010 年)、世界青光眼大會青年臨床醫生科學家獎(2011 年)、亞太青光眼學會青年研究者獎(2012 年)、美國眼科學會秘書處獎(2012 年)、斯圖爾特·布朗講師(2013 年)、美國眼科學會高級成就獎(2015 年)、世界資訊科技及服務聯盟全球資訊及通訊卓越獎(2019)、香港資訊及通訊科技獎-智慧生活大獎(2019)等。他以首席研究員身份獲得超過20項學外研究資助,包括香港研究資助局一般研究基金(相當於美國國立衛生研究院R01資助)、香港醫學與健康研究基金、香港創新科技基金的20項外部競爭性研究資助、青光眼基金會(美國紐約)和美國健康援助基金會等;並在 28 個國家67 個城市的 146 場科學會議上發表了 200 多場的特邀研究演講。在香港創新科技署大學科技創業支持計劃的支持下,他創辦了2家初創公司,將專利視覺診斷技術轉化為臨床應用。在香港大學眼科,他領導青光眼和視神經診斷實驗室、視神經保護和再生實驗室以及虛擬現實實驗室。

Clinical Services and Teaching 臨床服務與教學

Dr. Leung provides clinical services at Queen Mary Hospital, Grantham Hospital, Hong Kong Eye Hospital, Gleneagles Hospital, and HKU Eye Centre. As a Volunteer Faculty of Orbis, Dr. Leung has been deployed to train ophthalmologists on the Flying Eye Hospital and in local hospitals in Mainland China and Vietnam. He is Section Editor of British Journal of Ophthalmology, Associate Editor of Frontiers in Medicine, Contributing Editor of International Glaucoma Review, Editorial Board Member of American Journal of Ophthalmology, Journal of Glaucoma, Ophthalmic Epidemiology, and Translational Vision Science and Technology. Dr. Leung was Section Leader and Consensus Development Panel Member at the World Glaucoma Association Consensus Meetings and he is co-chair for the Asia Pacific Glaucoma Guidelines to be published in 2024/25. Dr. Leung has supervised more than 20 PhD students (direct supervisor); he was Head of Graduate Division and MSc Program Director in the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He also taught instruction courses organized by the American Academy of Ophthalmology and World Glaucoma Association.


梁教授在瑪麗醫院、葛量洪醫院、香港眼科醫院、鷹閣醫院、及香港大學眼科中心提供臨床服務。作為奧比斯義工學院的一名義工,梁教授曾被派往飛行眼科醫院以及中國大陸和越南當地醫院培訓眼科醫生。他是 British Journal of Ophthalmology 的部門編輯,Frontiers in Medicine 的副主編,International Glaucoma Review 的特約編輯,American Journal of Ophthalmology, Journal of Glaucoma、Ophthalmic Epidemiology 和 Translational Vision Science and Technology 的編委。梁教授是世界青光眼協會共識會議的部門負責人和共識發展小組成員並且是將於 2024/25 年出版的亞太地區青光眼診斷治療指南的聯合主席。梁教授指導超過20名博士生(直屬導師);他曾任香港中文大學眼科及視覺科學系研究生部主任及理學碩士課程主任。他教授美國眼科學會和世界青光眼協會組織的指導課程。

Selected Publications 精選刊物

(*Corresponding Authors 通訊作者)

  1. *Leung CKS, Guo PY, Lam AKN. Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Optical Texture Analysis: Involvement of the Papillomacular Bundle and Papillofoveal Bundle in Early Glaucoma. Ophthalmology. 2022 Apr 22:S0161-6420(22)00300-1. doi: 10.1016/j.ophtha.2022.04.012

  2. *Leung CKS, Lam AKN, Weinreb RN, Garway-Heath DF, Yu M, Guo PY, Chiu V, Wan K, Wong M, Wu K, Cheung CY, Lin C, Chan C, Chan NC, Kam KW, Lai G. Retinal nerve fiber layer Optical Texture Analysis (ROTA) - A new paradigm for diagnostic evaluation of optic neuropathy. Nature Biomedical Engineering 2021 

  3. Mak H, Yung JS, Weinreb RN, Ng SH, Cao X, Ho TY, Ng TK, Chu WK, Yung WH, Choy KW, Wang CC, Lee TP, *Leung CKS. MicroRNA-19a-PTEN axis is involved in the developmental decline of axon regenerative capacity in retinal ganglion cells. Molecular therapy – Nucleic Acid 2020;21:251-263.

  4. Wu K, Lin C, Lam AKN, Chan L, *Leung CKS. Wide-field Trend-based Progression Analysis of combined retinal nerve fiber layer and ganglion cell inner plexiform layer thickness – A new paradigm to improve glaucoma progression detection. Ophthalmology 2020. 127:1322-1330.

  5. Lam AKN, To E, Weinreb RN, Yu M, Mak H, Lai G, Chiu V, Wu K, Zhang X, Cheng TPH, Guo PY, *Leung CKS. Use of Virtual Reality Simulation to Identify Vision-Related Disability in Patients with Glaucoma. JAMA Ophthalmol. 2020 138:490-498.

  6. Chan KC, Yu Y, Ng SH, Mak HK, Yip YWY, van der Merwe Y, Ren T, Yung JSY, Biswas S, Cao X, Chau Y, *Leung CKS. Intracameral injection of a chemically cross-linked hydrogel to study chronic neurodegeneration in glaucoma. Acta Biomaterialia 2019;94, 219-231.

  7. Zheng F, Wu Z, *Leung CKS. Detection of Bruch’s membrane opening in healthy individuals and glaucoma patients with and without high myopia. Ophthalmology 2018;125:1537-1546.

  8. Hou HW, Lin C, *Leung CKS. Integrating macular ganglion cell inner plexiform layer and parapapillary retinal nerve fiber layer measurements to detect glaucoma progression. Ophthalmology 2018;125:822-831.

  9. Yu M, Lin C, Weinreb RN, Lai G, Chiu V, *Leung CKS. Risk of Visual Field Progression in Glaucoma Patients with Progressive Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thinning: A 5-Year Prospective Study. Ophthalmology. 2016;123:1201-10.

  10. Weinreb RN, Leung CKS, Crowston JG, Medeiros FA, Friedman DS, Wiggs JL, Martin KR. Primary open-angle glaucoma. Nat Rev Dis Primers. 2016;2:16067.

  11. Wu Z, Xu G, Weinreb RN, Yu M, *Leung CKS. Optic Nerve Head Deformation in Glaucoma: A Prospective Analysis of Optic Nerve Head Surface and Lamina Cribrosa Surface Displacement. Ophthalmology 2015;122:1317-29.

Selected Research Grant Awards 定的研究資助獎

(Principal Investigator 首席研究員)

Hong Kong Research Grants Council 香港研究資助局香港研究資助局 

  1. General Research Fund (2021/22)  Metformin as a neuroprotective therapy for glaucoma – A randomized controlled trial (Project Reference: 14101621)

  2. General Research Fund (2018/19) – Retinal nerve fiber layer optical texture signature as a novel biomarker for detection of glaucoma progression (Project Reference: 14101518)

  3. General Research Fund (2017/18) – Measurement of the rates of retinal nerve fiber layer thinning to guide management of myopic glaucoma patients (Project Reference: 14101117)

  4. General Research Fund (2016/17) – Progressive retinal nerve fiber layer thinning as a biomarker to guide intraocular pressure lowering treatment in ocular hypertensive (Project Reference: 14100916)

  5. General Research Fund (2015/2016) – Progressive lamina cribrosa deformation – A biomarker for fast progressors in glaucoma?  (Project Reference: 14101215)

  6. General Research Fund (2014/2015) – Impact of PTEN/SOCS3 deletion on dendritic regeneration: A time-lapse in vivo imaging study (Project Reference: 14109814)

  7. Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme (2011/12) – In vivo imaging of retinal neurons in Thy- 1 YFP Transgenic mice after traumatic injury and transorbital alternating current stimulation (Project Reference: G_HK025/11) 

  8. General Research Fund (2010/2011) – Characterization of the glaucoma gene at the GLC1M locus for Juvenile Onset Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (Project Reference: 14109814)


Hong Kong Food and Health Bureau 香港食物及衞生局 

  1.  Medical and Health Research Fund (2018/19) – Nicotinamide riboside as a neuroprotective therapy for glaucoma: a randomized controlled trial (Project Reference: 06171076)

  2. Medical and Health Research Fund (2014/15) – A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing the Efficacy and Safety between Pattern Laser Trabeculoplasty and Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (Project Reference: 02130446)

  3. Heath Services Research Fund (2010/11) – Evidence-based adjustment of topical glaucoma drop use among Hong Kong Patients (Project Reference: HHSRF 07080601)                                                                                          

Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission 香港創新科技署

  1. Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities (2020/21) – AIROTA Diagnostics Limited (Project Reference: TSSSU/CUHK/20/01)

  2. Innovation and Technology Fund (2016/17) – Evaluation of visual disability in a virtual reality environment (Project Reference: ITS/338/15)

  3. Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities (2016-2019) – ACE VR Limited (Project Reference: TSSSU/CUHK/16/08) 

Research Laboratories 研究實驗室

ROTA HK01 2.jpeg

ROTA (Retinal nerve fibre layer Optical Texture Analysis) 視網膜神經纖維層光學紋理分析

Glaucoma and Optic Nerve Diagnostics Lab Cover.png

Glaucoma and Optic Nerve Diagnostics Lab 


Optic Nerve Protection and Regeneration Lab Cover.png

Optic Nerve Protection and Regeneration Lab


Virtual Reality Lab.png

Virtual Reality Lab


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