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Retinopathy of Prematurity Lab

Overview 概述

Retinopathy of prematurity(ROP) is the leading cause of preventable childhood blinding disease globally. Low birth weight and prematurity are strongly associated with an increased risk of the disease. Infant born prematurely have incompletely vascularized retina with a peripheral avascular zone. ROP development is thought to be a biphasic pathologic neovascularization process involving an aberrant production of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF). With this understanding, the treatment for advanced ROP has moved from the destructive retinal laser ablation to the use of the anti-VEGF injection. This paradigm shift of management approach has resulted remarkable improvement of the outcome of the ROP infant especially the more advanced cases.

早產兒視網膜病變 (ROP) 是全球可預防的兒童致盲疾病的主要原因。低出生體重和早產與患病風險增加密切相關。早產嬰兒的視網膜血管不完全,周圍有無血管區。 ROP 發展被認為是一種雙相病理性新血管形成過程,涉及血管內皮生長因子 (VEGF) 的異常產生。有了這種認識,晚期 ROP 的治療已經從破壞性視網膜激光消融轉移到使用抗 VEGF 注射。這種管理方法的範式轉變顯著改善了 ROP 嬰兒的結果,尤其是更高級的病例。

Despite the improvement treatment outcome, there are still gaps in the understanding and management of this condition.


Our combined team of clinician and basic scientist are active in the pursuit of research in this field, focusing on improvement of understanding of the pathophysiology of the disease, diagnosis, surgical management, and investigating alternate treatment approach such as nutritional supplement.



From the clinical perspective 從臨床角度
Professor Lam has the clinical researches 林教授的臨床研究有:

  • Investigating alternate diagnostic protocol for early and more accurate diagnosis of ROP 研究替代診斷方案,以實現 ROP 早期和更準確的診斷

  • Established the pediatric widefield fluorescein angiography for improved diagnosis and monitoring of ROP and other pediatric retinal diseases (only facility in Hong Kong) 建立兒科寬視野熒光素血管造影術,以改善對 ROP 和其他兒科視網膜疾病的診斷和監測(香港唯一的設施)

  • Participate in international multi-center clinical trial for the use of anti-VEGF treatment of ROP 參與抗VEGF治療ROP的國際多中心臨床試驗

  • Provide world class surgical expertise and developing improve surgical techniques to tackle the management of complicated stage 4 and 5 ROP 提供世界一流的外科專業知識並開發改進的外科技術,以應對複雜的 4 期和 5 期 ROP 的管理

Our basic research team led by Dr. Amy Lo has 我們由勞卓妍博士領導的基礎研究團隊擁有:

  • Established oxygen-induced retinopathy (OIR), an animal model of ROP – first and only one in Hong Kong 建立氧致視網膜病變 (OIR),一種 ROP 的動物模型 – 香港首個也是唯一一個

  • Identified therapeutic potential of aldose reductase inhibition in the treatment of ROP 確定醛糖還原酶抑制治療 ROP 的治療潛力

  • Reported the beneficial effects of lutein in promoting vascular regrowth in OIR 報告了葉黃素在促進 OIR 血管再生方面的有益作用

  • Investigated vascular pathophysiology and neuronal dysfunction in gestational diabetes-associated retinopathy of prematurity 研究妊娠期糖尿病相關早產兒視網膜病變的血管病理生理學和神經元功能障礙


Clinical trials 臨床試驗

Open-label, randomized, two-arm, controlled study to assess the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of intravitreal (IVT) aflibercept compared to laser photocoagulation in patients with retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) 2019.

開放標籤、隨機、兩臂、對照研究,以評估玻璃體腔注射 (IVT) 阿柏西普與激光光凝相比在早產兒視網膜病變 (ROP) 2019 中的療效、安全性和耐受性。

Publications 出版物

Corresponding Author 通訊作者

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Books 書籍

Wu WC, Lam WC: A Quick Guide to Pediatric Retina/ Springer. 2021 (Editors)

Devenyi RG, Lam WC:  Paediatric Retinal Disease.  The Hospital for Sick Children Paediatric Ophthalmology Atlas, AV Levin, editor, 2006.

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Principal Investigator 


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