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Southern District Signature Project

Why do we provide eye screening? 為什麼我們提供眼科檢查?

  • Many degenerative eye diseases are age-related. 許多退化性眼病與年齡有關。​

  • Often, symptoms of eye disease are not easily noticeable. Therefore, eye screening is necessary to detect the presence of eye diseases and initiate appropriate treatment at an early stage. 通常,眼病的症狀不容易被注意到。因此,眼部篩查對於發現眼部疾病的存在並在早期開始適當的治療是必要的。​

  • Eye screening can help provide participants with earlier treatment, appropriate medical advice, and further tests to help reduce the risk of complications arising from the eye disease.  眼科篩查有助於為參與者提供早期治療、適當的醫療建議和進一步的檢查,以幫助降低眼病引起並發症的風險。

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Cataract 白內障

  • Cataract is the leading cause of blindness in the developing world.白內障是發展中國家失明的主要原因。

  • Degeneration of the eye’s crystalline lens causes blurring of vision, glare and changes in refractive error. 眼睛晶狀體的退化會導致視力模糊、眩光和屈光不正的變化。

  • In its advanced stages, untreated cataract can induce acute glaucoma. 在晚期階段,未經治療的白內障會誘發急性青光眼。 

Glaucoma 青光眼

  • Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness in the developed world. 青光眼是發達國家不可逆轉失明的主要原因。

  • Glaucoma has no symptoms at the early stages. However, progressive visual field loss can eventually lead to total loss of vision. 青光眼在早期沒有任何症狀。然而,漸進性視野喪失最終會導致視力完全喪失。

Macula degeneration 黃斑變性

  • Macular degeneration can cause distortion or a loss of central vision. 黃斑變性會導致變形或中央視力喪失。

  • Early stages of macular degeneration tend to progress slowly, but can worsen suddenly. 黃斑變性的早期階段往往進展緩慢,但可能會突然惡化​。

Examination services include檢查服務包括

  • Height, weight and blood pressure measurement 身高、體重和血壓測量

  • Vision and eyesight testing 視力和視力測試

  • Cataract examination 白內障檢查 

  • Glaucoma examination 青光眼檢查 

  • Retina and macula degeneration examination 視網膜和黃斑變性檢查

  • Cornea and anterior chamber examination 角膜和前房檢查

  • Consultation with a qualified specialist ophthalmologist 諮詢合格的眼科醫生

  • Specialty examinations as necessary (visual fields/ macula and optic nerve OCT scans/fundus photos) 必要時進行專業檢查(視野/黃斑和視神經 OCT 掃描/眼底照片)

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Team Members 團隊成員


Mr. Jordy Lau, Assistant Technical Manager

Ms Karina Lau, Enrolled Nurse

Ms Sandy Cheung, Optometrist

Ms Vienne Leung, Optometrist

Dr. Ming-Ming Zhu, Research Assistant

Mr David Wong, Research Assistant

Ms Josephine Ho, Executive Assistant

Ms Kammy Chung, Clinical Secretarial Assistant

Ms Wendy Leung, Clinical Secretarial Assistant

Ms Kobe Ngan, Clinical Secretarial Assistant


Principal Coordinator


Clinical Associate Professor of Practice


Funding Source 資助資金

Southern District Signature Project Scheme (SPS), Southern District Council, The Government of Hong Kong SAR 香港特別行政區政府南區區議會南區標誌性項目計劃 (SPS)

HKD 50 Million for the Eye Examination Scheme 5,000萬港元用於眼科檢查計劃

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